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  • Cocoa, brown spices, blackberry, champagne, creamy body with long residual.
  • Roast: Light/Medium
  • Town: Fredonia
  • Altitude: 1800
  • Process: Natural
  • Preparation Suggestion: Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods)

This coffee produced from one of Colombia's oldest coffee farms is funky and bold. Notes of Cocoa meld into blackberry and lightness of champagne.

Claraboya is nestled in the picturesque region of Fredonia, Antioquia. This enchanting coffee estate boasts a rich history spanning three centuries, complete with its original homestead, now poised to become a Colombian cultural heritage site. Perched atop the Sur-Oeste valley of Antioquia, Claraboya offers breathtaking panoramic views that transport you through time, immersing you in the storied legacy of this revered coffee-producing region. 

Claraboya coffees thrive beneath a lush jungle canopy, creating a truly unique and unparalleled shade-grown environment. The farm boasts dedicated areas that serve as protected wildlife and nature reserves, providing a sanctuary for the native flora and fauna that call this mountain home.

But that’s not all – they take our commitment to coffee excellence to the next level. Claraboya employs an advanced, highly-technified process for collecting, sorting, and drying our beans, ensuring that we deliver the absolute best in natural and honey processes.

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