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Silvermine Coffee Roasters

*LIMITED AVAILABILITY* Tropical Summer Washed Lactic Fermentation

*LIMITED AVAILABILITY* Tropical Summer Washed Lactic Fermentation

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  • Cocoa, tropical fruits and caramel. A fruity coffee with a creamy body!
  • Roast: Light
  • Process: Washed Lactic Fermentation in Honey, 170 hours
  • Town: La Sierra
  • Altitude: 1600
  • Variety: Castillo, Caturra, Pajarito, Tabi and Bourbon
  • Preparation Suggestion: Pour over method V60, Chemex, Kalita (Drip methods)

Tropical Summer perfectly highlights the profile of a lactic fermentation processed coffee with Notes of cacao, hazelnut, yellow, and red fruits that will take the consumer right to the summer. Tropical Summer is one of the products from La Sierra, a social project that uses coffee as a vehicle to transform lives. Throughout the production of coffee, the families of the neighborhood of La Sierra receive income to improve their economic and social situation. Therefore, as the demand for coffee grows the opportunity for more families to enter the coffee business also increases with the objective of changing the neighborhood one harvest at a time.

In Proyecto Renacer we have a few main fermentation protocols including Tropical Summer. Tropical Summer is a special recipe developed by Jonathan and Cristian Raigosa where, in brief, after picking the cherries they are depulped a musicale (honey) state, and then they enter into a tank to undergo anaerobic fermentation of 170 hours! Does such a long fermentation sound risky? Not here! The brothers have everything measured to the point that the controlled sugar breakdown, is also possible due to the environment of la Sierra of low temperatures making it ideal for an extended fermentation. The result is a yellow fruit profile coffee, that will remind you of having a tropical moment.

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